ExxonMobil published its own Global Energy Outlook. I think it’s really important.

What is the oil company’s view to our future? 

Some key points. 

The world will need 15% more energy in 2050.  

World population will grow by 2 billion people. 

And the global economy will more than double.

Take the entire economy – and add another one.

Nearly all of the increase will come from developing economies.

Raising living standards and reducing emissions on the path to 2050.

Global emissions will fall by 25%. 

But much more is needed to reach the world’s emission-reduction goals.

The company’s strategic low-carbon push is backed by $17B from 2023 through 2027 to advance, scale up and deploy a suite of industrial-scale solutions. 

The company is reducing its own emission intensity. And helping other industrial companies reduce theirs. 

ExxonMobil tries to add the resiliency to the company’s portfolio.