September 2023 was the warmest September on record globally. Antarctic sea ice extent remained at a record low level for the time of year.  

September 2023 saw wetter-than-average conditions along many parts of the western seaboard of Europe, including the western Iberian Peninsula, Ireland, northern Britain, and Scandinavia.  

It was also wetter than average in Greece following extreme rainfall associated with storm Daniel; this event was also responsible for the devastating flooding in Libya.   

Southern Brazil and southern Chile also experienced extreme precipitation events. 

Drier-than-average regions included parts of Europe, the southeastern USA, Mexico, central Asia, and Australia, where the driest September on record was recorded. Record rain in New York City generated ‘life-threatening’ flooding. 

One the strongest hurricanes to ever hit Mexico’s Pacific Coast.

We see communities being dramatically impacted all around the world.

We must decarbonised our economy rapidly. Unless we can restore our ecosystems on huge scale we really have very little hope of stopping the six grade extinction and also of stopping climate breakdown.

Global heating is accelerating. We’ve now left it too late merely to decarbonize our economies we exceed 1.5 probably 2 degrees of global heating even if we totally decarbonize all of this industrial economy because we’ve left it so late. We also need to draw down much of the carbon dioxide we’ve already released into the atmosphere. And by far the quickest cheapest most benign way of doing that is restoring ecosystems as the trees come back as the wetlands come back they absorb vast amounts of the CO2 that we’ve released into the atmosphere, George Monbiot said.

We must move forward with climate action.