Heat Pumps.

Apr 4, 2023

Energy crisis helps drive record global sales for heat pumps.

Global sales of heat pumps grew by 11% in 2022 to a record level, marking a second year of double-digit growth for the central technology in the world’s transition to secure and sustainable heating, our new analysis shows.

Increased policy support and incentives for heat pumps amid the global energy crisis and efforts to reduce greenhouse gas emissions were key drivers behind the strong uptake – with sales growth particularly strong in Europe. Today, over 100 million households worldwide, or one in ten homes that require substantial heating, are served by heat pumps. And many more households use heat pumps only part of the winter or as a supplementary source of heating.

To align with all existing national energy and climate pledges worldwide, heat pumps will have to meet nearly one-fifth of global heating needs in buildings by 2030. The world is almost on track to reach this milestone if new installations continue to grow at a similar rate to the last two years. However, deployment must accelerate further if the world is to achieve net zero emissions by 2050.