How crisis in Yemen affects neighbors and rest of world  

image-300x219Situation in Yemen, steeped in militancy and crime, shows no signs of stabilizing any time soon. What’s next? How the latest round of the old conflict will affect the country’s neighbors? Will it pose any threat to oil supplies from the Middle East? Neftianka has approached experts for comments.  

Aleksey Malashenko, Carnegie Endowment

At first thought, all parties of the conflict, including Sunnis and Shias inside the country as well as foreign actors, are interested in peace and stability. In practice the situation is more complicated: Houthis (a Shia group living mostly in Yemen) have turned against the regime and won’t easily reach compromise with the toppled government. They have recently won a number of important battles and had real chances to seize power in the country except for Saudi Arabia’s involvement. Continue reading

Yukos, Rosneft reach settlement agreement

Rosneft and a group of its subsidiaries including Samaraneftegaz, Tomskneft and Angarsk Petrochemical Company reached a dispute disposition agreement with Yukos Finance B.V., Yukos Capital sarl, Stichting Administratiekantoor Yukos International, Stichting Administratiekantoor Financial Performance Holdings, Consolidated Nile, LP, General Nile, LLC, Yukos International (UK) B.V., Luxtona Limited, Financial Performance Holdings B.V., Yukos Hydrocarbons Investments Limited, CN & GN (PTC) Ltd., as well as with individuals controlling these companies. In accordance with the agreement’s conditions the sides withdraw all mutual claims, stop all legal and other disputes and pledge not to lay claims on each other in the future due to the bankruptcy and dissolution of Yukos. The agreement does not envisage any monetary or other payments from Rosneft or its subsidiaries.
On March 31, 2015, the parties completed the deal and signed all the necessary documents regarding the recall of all legal arguments being carried on in the Netherlands, the UK, USA, Russia and other jurisdictions.